Una ja kumppanit – Una and her family

Una (Unissa, Unchik, Unski, Unski Unnukainen) on noin vuonna 2005-2006 syntynyt rescue-koira Pietarista. Hän löytyi hylättynä eläinlääkäriasemalta, ja oli melkein melkein vuoden kotihoidossa Annan luona. Una tuli Suomeen 29.6.2012 . Kaupunkilaistyttö on opetellut metsittymistä täällä Espoossa 🙂

Una is a rescue dog from St Petersburg, born around 2005-2006. After she was found abandoned at a vet clinic, Una lived with Anna, who took care of her for almost a year. Una moved to Finland on June 29, 2012. The city girl has learned how to be a dog of the great wilderness, here in Espoo 🙂

Elokuussa 2016 laumaan liittyi Kelmi Farrel (“rohkea”), worker-linjainen kelpiepoika, ruskea valkoisella rintamerkillä. Keron kanssa rakennellaan pelastushaun- ja jäljen oppeja, tavoitteena hälytyskoirakkona toimiminen. PK-jälki orastavasti kiinnostaa myös…


Muu porukka koostuu kahdesta ahkerasti ulkoilevasta ihmisestä.


2 comments on “Una ja kumppanit – Una and her family

  1. Does that Homo sapiens cleaning at home every day? The carpets and floors are so clean! Or you are brashing Luna and Luka every day?

    • She does a bit of both 🙂 Combing Luna and Luka a few times a week, and giving the vacuum cleaner a walk once or twice a week…

      I have one carpet (the dark patterned one in the hall) that captures an unbelievable amount of the white fluffy cat hair. And it only comes off by sweeping it with rubber gloves. When I have done this (on my hands and knees), I see the first white fluff balls on it around two hours later 😛

      But I love this carpet and have negotiated (with the carpet) the terms of a deal: when I get too pissed off, looking at the layer of white fluff on it, it will retire quietly and without resistance into the closet until further notice 😉

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