One comment on “Ilonpurkaus – A burst of joy!

  1. A few days after this post, Una got badly startled by a (nice) lady when we were walking in the forest. I noticed her coming towards us. I had Una sitting in front of me, on the path, giving eye contact, and the woman approached. I was sure she would pass us on my right, since there was a lot of space on that side. At the last second, she decided to switch to my left. She needed to squeeze right next to me, and ended up suddenly emerging almost on top of Una. That resulted in Una’s instant defense reaction: barking and lunging towards this lady. As far as I could see, Una seemed to be leaning forward, towards the lady, and not backing off. I was a bit startled by this. I need to be very careful in these situations… Luckily, she was nice enough to stop for a moment at my request, and gave Una a few treats.

    And the next day, in the same forest, a man came jogging from behind us. He was so silent that even Una did not notice him until he had almost caught us up. A lot of barking followed. And in this incident, too, Una’s posture showed the determination to drive the man away.

    After these two incidents, Una has been quite suspicious about people, again. Frustrating as it is, I need to go back and reinforce Una for just looking at all the nice people around us. She finds it hard to concentrate and give eye contact. This is a good demonstration of the challenges we face in real life: we are not living in a laboratory…

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