6 comments on “Löytökoiralauantai – A rescue dog event

  1. I’m so upset that I couldn’t join the event…
    The person with April and Krendel was Darya, our surgeon, she had sterilized Una! I was going to come together with her, but my new dog is very nerveous and I could not take him with me or leave with someone… Such a pity! I would be so happy to meet you and Una!
    I’m thinking of Una every day and she is the best dog I ever meet and I meet a lot of different dogs, despite the fact that she likes to bark at obnoxious people

    And I’m sure that to be the owner of a rescue dog is a very grateful thing! The attachment to them is much more than to a prosperous pedigree puppies, I think.
    We are doing a very important work. And very grateful!

  2. We would have wanted to see you so much! Una would have gone mad with happiness if she had met you!!!

    The reason why you couldn’t come tells me that you love your new rescue dog as much as we both love Una. I have not had the heart to leave Una with anyone else, yet. She has lost the important people in her life many times, and I want to assure her that will never happen again. Only when I have made her very comfortable in my parents’ home, for example, so she is sure I always come back, can I imagine leaving her there overnight.

    I think Una is very special, too. Not only because she is my sweetheart, but she really is a very special character. As your friend Darya put it, Una is a very soulful dog. That is beautifully said, and couldn’t be more true 🙂

    My heart goes to your new little rescue boy, and I wish your love will heal him, as it did with Una! You are doing an amazing job, working to save the lives of the unfortunate and find them new homes 🙂

  3. No, Una was my great love, there were dogs before and now, but she is the best one for me, really.
    And I don’t like male-dogs ((( I just couldn’t leave him for a minute – he crushes the doors and the walls searching for me. I hope he’ll calm down soon. And I couldn’t take him with me – he feels absolutely sick in the car, I have to train him before he’ll become a finnish dog :o))
    We called him Janny :o)

  4. Well, then, let me rephrase 😉 Your devotion, with or without the love you have for Una, will definitely be the thing healing little Janny, given time! There are some very efficient techniques you can use to get a dog truly comfortable when he’s left alone (even when the situation is as bad as you describe), but it would take consistent work during which he couldn’t be left alone at all…

  5. I’m not ready! Let new owners do this job, I’m a bad trainer/
    I hope he will attract someone very quickly)))

  6. I know, Anna, I’m teasing you 😉 But seriously, I wish there were more possibilities for rescue dogs to get some planned training in the basic skills (living in a home, being alone, walking in a leash and meeting other dogs and people calmly, and so on) before they go to their new owners. I know the resources rarely allow this, but one can dream…

    Edit: I run across this today: http://drsophiayin.com/blog/entry/separation-anxiety-solution-training-fido-that-calm-behavior-makes-you

    I love Dr Yin’s methods, and admire her clear and practical instructions!

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