4 comments on “2 kk – Two months

  1. My congratulations to you, girls!
    Sometimes I want to be on Una’s place – it’s so nice to be Janna’s dog, she is so comprehensively caring owner.
    And I like so much to read Janna’s stories, just as I liked to read Jerald Durrel in my youth. I also re-read it again and again and every time it was interesting and very funny!
    Thank you, Janna, for your writing talent )))
    Give my kisses to Una!

  2. Kisses delivered!

    I used to read the Durrel books, too! I read everything about animals I could get my hands into. My favorites were

    Solo: The Story of an African Wild Dog, by Hugo van Lawick
    Through a window, by Jane Goodall
    Elephant Memories : Thirteen Years in the Life of an Elephant Family, by Cynthia Moss

    My love for animals, and my interest in their behaviour, especially, led me to study biology. I considered building a careed studying the social behavior of group-living mammals. That would have meant moving to East Africa, part time, and I decided against it. Living in Finland won, and I ended up as a graduate student in hydrobiology, working for a PhD in that field. Looking back, I don’t know if I did the right choice or not. But life is full of choices, none of them purely right or wrong…

  3. Your choice to stay in Finland allowed one good dog to live such a full life now 🙂

    And what about Games Herriot?

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