5 comments on “Kontrollikäynti ortopedille – A control visit to the ortopedic specialist

  1. Oh!
    Gnawing a natural bone is the cause of such stomach problems very often… I can see it at our clinic now and then! Sometimes the bones causes much more serious problems with rectum!
    I did not give Una natural bones ever and we did not ever have such a restless nights) May be you’ll try special dog’s bones?

    D-r Silvia again said the same things our doctor Barbara said before – of course Una has metabolic disorders but the normal food and healthy lifestyle will allow Una to mature completely.

    “…Una’s sensitive pads on her paws, and the fact that she licks and gnaws them. She does this also on a patch of skin on her left elbow and on her hind leg, near the paw…” Janna, all this is the result of that metabolic disorders, it’s not just the scin problems. I don’t think that dermatologist will give you a lot of another information, We made her scin tests and found nothing abnormal.
    We even thought it could be some fungal disease of scin and we completed a course of antifungal therapy but Una continued to licks and gnaws the places you mentioned.

    Just give her a little time for recovering her health!
    Hiking, swimming and nutrition!

    And thank you for your patience and for your care and your love to Una! )))

    • Most things have their pros and cons, including bones… Una gets those smallish bar-like “bones” made of cow hide, too.

      Yes, the control visit was mostly about discussing how to manage Una’s condition and to reassure me that we can live a normal, active life together 🙂

      Of course, as you said, Una’s metabolic disorders take time to normalise, and I fully understand that. What I’m trying to do here is ruling out present health issues the best I can, before I start to address her behaviour purely on the mental side – training and counter-conditioning. It’s no use trying to change a behavior if there is a somatic reason behind it that can be treated. This is how I am, thorough and systematic 😉

      I do love Una to bits!

  2. PS. I almost forgot: we saw a dalmatian in the waiting room at Aisti. He was a rescue dog from St Petersburg, brought to Finland by Elämä Koirille ry two weeks ago! A nice dog, still quite nervous about all the changes – I wished them luck with their new family member, and Una gave him the bad eye…

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