5 comments on “Jännitystä ilmassa – Some tense moments

  1. Oh… Una’s life ie full of strange things – swimming pulls, orientiering people, charging dogs…
    Tha last thung is not very serious, I believe! Una will not pay a lot attention to it. She needs only your love, no one else :o)))

  2. Yes, Una must think she has moved to a very strange country! The people won’t stay where they belong, on streets, but have gone crazy and sniff around like dogs in the forest (picking blueberries) or, worse still, run around looking totally lost 😉

    Yes, Una will do just fine without doggy friends for now. She needs her one special human pack member, that’s most important for her. However, it would be convenient if she would at least get along with Säde so we can take walks together with my friend and take both girls with us 🙂

  3. The situation depends on Säde. Una will just ignore her, she is not in the habit of quarreling with other dogs.

    • Unless the other dog comes near us on a break, eating… But you are right, Una doesn’t start fights. I’m more concerned about her being afraid of any dog who bullies her. If Una is worried, she doesn’t enjoy a walk but stays very near me, looking uncomfortable 😦

  4. Yes, very familiar situation…
    But we can’t do just everything very comfortable to a dog, so she has to get used to her owner’s way of life and to your friend’s dogs as well! And she’ll do it, I believe)

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